What Is White-Nose Syndrome?

White-nose syndrome, a mysterious fungal infection, has claimed the lives of an extraordinary number of hibernating bats in eastern regions of North America, in some areas killing 90 to 100 percent of bat colonies.

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An Action Plan

In May of 2011, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a plan to try to combat the spread of white-nose syndrome with preventive measures.
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Map: Progression of White-Nose Syndrome

This map shows which counties in the United States have caves where bats with the fungal infection called white-nose syndrome have been found. Click on the year to see the syndrome’s progression over time.

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Spreading West

White-nose syndrome has enveloped the northeastern regions of North America, and now the outbreak is moving further westward. The Western United States is bracing for the deadly outbreak.
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The Difficulty of Counting Bats

We know over a million bats have died, but it’s mostly a guessing game, because bat population numbers were not well-kept before the deadly fungal infection began to spread.
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